History of the Asian School of Music

The Asian School of Music is one of the most highly respected musical institutions of Asian music in the world. The school offers students the most comprehensive learning experience in the country. Having been established in 1985, the school has deep roots and has now been based in city center Manchester for over 30 years, seeing many famous musicians grace its doorstep. To this day the school offers inspiration and top quality teaching to students of all ages in order to produce world class music.

World class performers at the Asian School of MusicMembers of the Asian School Of Music Including Founder Amrik Singh

The Asian School of Music was founded in 1985 by musician and businessman, Amrik Singh, and has proved to be an ever popular organisation ever since. With guest musicians  such as the likes of Ustad Bade Feteh Ali Khan, Ustad Salamat Ali Khan, Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Pandit Yashpaul, Ustad Ghulam Mustafa Khan, Ustad Hussain Baksh, Ustad Sabri Khan, Ustad Faiyaz Khan, Sardar Gulbag Singh, and Sardar Dilbag Singh, and many more, performing at the Asian School of Music, the school meets the absolute highest standards of Asian classical music. The Asian School of Music grew and developed from its sister school, the London Synthesiser School. Also founded by Amrik Singh, the London based Synthesiser school also the top of its class attracted worldwide attention and received a number of awards for both its performances, and its products as well as providing instruments to British bands of high acclaim such as Queen, Sir Cliff Richard, Madness, Yes, Police, Bad Company, Kate Bush and many more.

Learn at the Asian School of Music

Members of the Asian School Of Music jammingThe Asian School of Music is based in central Manchester in the Northern Quarter, just a few minutes away from Piccadilly Gardens. The school offers high calibre lessons of various aspects of traditional Asian classical music to students of all ages, with regular competitions and concerts. With such a high class of world famous musicians visiting the school, students have never before had such a magnificent opportunity to learn Asian classical music from the finest musicians.

Performing musicians traverse from afar to grace the school with their presence. They are able to stay on site in the comfortable lodgings provided by the school. Having world famous performing musicians on hand at the school makes for the best learning environment possible, and renders the Asian School of Music the only school of its kind! Most of the visiting musicians travel from India and Pakistan, and are all professional Asian classical musicians.

The lessons at the Asian School of Music are conducted on a weekly basis at the school. Annually, they are split into four terms with a different aspect of Asian Classical Music being focused on each term with a concert at the end of each term to showcase all that has been learned in the school recital hall.